Last day of shooting and the kids arrived! (Taken with Instagram)

Ricky and Jordan enjoying a moment (Taken with Instagram)

Between shots in downtown LA (Taken with Instagram)

Wrapping up at our location for the last 9 days. It was beautiful… (Taken with Instagram)

Tomorrow we finish shooting at David & Kat’s apartment. We’re going to miss that cramped and hot 2nd home! (Taken with Instagram)

Dirty Beautiful is at the prop house and thinking of getting a bigger gun for the Armstrong scene :)
(Taken with Instagram)

The director, Tim Bartell, and co-stars, Jordan Monaghan and Ricky Mabe, discuss the next scene. (Taken with Instagram)

Had a day off yesterday, but today it’s back to the set! Tim and the great Stu James (Marcus) prep for a scene. (Taken with Instagram)

Another awesome day on set. Jordan (Kat) and Darin Heames (Armstrong) getting ready for a take. Dirty and Beautiful, isn’t it? (Taken with Instagram)

Who needs Endeavor when there’s a movie to shoot?!? ;-) Jordan and Tim getting ready for a scene. (Taken with Instagram)